Best Metal Fence Materials

The Best Metal Fence Materials (Ranked)

As a homeowner with a yard, there are many benefits to having a fenced-in front or backyard. The dog has space to roam without a tie-out, your kids have a safe place to play, and a fence also offers a sense of privacy and security. Whether you’re considering fence installation for the first time or […]

Determine Your Fence Size Create Budget

Tips for Planning Your Fence Installation

Installing a fence is an excellent way of protecting your property and home. When you install a new fence, you’re essentially creating an extension of your home while simultaneously enclosing your yard. You’re also providing your property the security and privacy it needs from any outside threats. We’re going to discuss tips for planning your […]

Minnesota Winters Best Fence

The Best Fence for Minnesota Winters

Finding an excellent fence for winter will depend on your property and design requirements. In Minnesota, winter fence options need to be durable enough to handle severe winter conditions that include strong winds and several feet of snow. In some cases, the best fence for cold weather won’t be the most robust material, but the […]

Wood Vs Vinyl Fences Best Choice For Your Yard

Wood vs. Vinyl Fences: The Best Choice for Your Yard

Choosing your ideal fence material can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t have anyone to guide you on the journey. We see a lot of missteps for fence owners down the road. Over time, these decisions or slips can cost you time and money. Some of these common fence owner problems include: Falling […]

Problems Owning A Fence

Fence Owner Problems

Homeowners face a whole mess of problems that they may not have anticipated. From overlooking severe issues during an inspection to ignoring a sump pump, there’s an almost endless list of pitfalls homeowners can gripe about together. There’s something about common problems that bring the world together. These commonalities also make it easy to help […]

Winterize Your Fence 2019

How To Winterize Your Fence (2019)

Although none of us want to believe it, winter is just around the corner. Everyone is busy stockpiling their pumpkin spice drinks and arguing over Fantasy Football draft picks. But not you. You’re worried about your fence this winter because you want it standing tall next spring. Well, you’re not alone. Many Minnesotans and perhaps […]

Minneapolis Pool Fence Company

Which Fence Is Right For My Pool?

You may be ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the final few weeks of your pool. But, before you do, have you thought about the last piece of the puzzle? Safety. Some local laws, or even state laws, require you to have a fence (like here in Minnesota). These laws mean that you probably […]

Perfect Fence For Your Dog

Building The Perfect Fence For Your Dog

Having an active dog is no easy task.  We know this all too well. Energetic pups need to blow off a lot of steam throughout the day, and taking them on regular walks can get a bit exhausting. So, unless you have a beautiful fenced-in yard, you’re probably staring out the window wishing you could […]

Fence Security Risks For Your Dog

Fence Security Risks For Your Dog

You want your dog to play and enjoy your yard — but you also want them to be safe. Dogs love to play outdoors. They love to run around, explore, and get rid of pent up energy that may build up after being couped up in the house. That being said, you can’t just let […]

Fence Maintenance Guide

The All-Encompassing Guide To Fence Maintenance

We talk a lot about fence maintenance here at 2010-2019 - 彩线路检测 There’s a pretty simple reason for that — we love fences. We want our clients or readers to have all of the knowledge and tools needed to keep their fences in the best condition possible so that there is no need to replace them […]